They are EVERYWHERE. Those little bugs that only come once per year, stick to every single horizontal surface and don't really serve any purpose other than kickstarting the metabolisms of birds and fish. And my chickens. If you have never seen a chicken set loose into a yard full of mayflies, well let me tell you... You have to see it at least once in your life. It is like seeing a fat man at a buffet line in Vegas. NOM NOM NOM! MORE MORE MORE!!! Those little fat birds jump onto the beds, then jump off with mouths open, wings spread with glory, and come out of it a mayfly eating champ.

OH MY GAWD THE CATS... They are flipping hilarious! The mayflies are of course stuck to and dieing on the windowscreens. The birds take this opportunity to cling to the screens and feast away. The cats go BERZERK!  Its kinf of like those commercials for windex where the birds fly directly into the glass, only, it is my cats. Oh my gawd, I love mayfly week!

So a little update on those little non egg laying/possible egg eating hoebags (can you tell I am a little hostile??) I watched them ALLLLLL day yesterday because I don't have a life we have a great view into the back yard. Every time one of them went into the coop for more than 3 minutes, I was out there looking in the window. None of them even sat in the laying box. So I searched the backyard for nests. Nada. WTF is going on in this suddenly eggless universe of mine???


  1. I wish I could borrow your chickens to eat bugs in my garden!

    1. Ha! You can have them! I hate them right now!

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    1. the bugs or the chickens? Chickens, definitely not... Their feathers have never looked better!

  3. One of mine went eggless, then we caught her eating her egg, er....

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    1. A mayfly is a little flying bug that looks like a supersized mosquito, only it doesn't do anything. Seriously, they just show up, get eaten, and what doesn't get eaten just dies. I think they show up because of the lake... I really have no idea, but the chickens love em!