Egg Update

So, since my golfball experiment, the egg production has been better. We have gotten one egg everyday, which is pretty normal for us. So, I have no idea...

This got me thinking about our next round of chickens. I love these stupid chickens, and they have names, but this may be their last summer here. Next time, I want to get more Barred Rocks, and an Austrolorp or 2. but only 4 total chickens. We just don't have the space or need for more than that. I like the Rhode Islands Reds, they are more docile then the Barred Rocks, but the egg production for the Reds just isn't that great. I don't know if I am tainted in my opinion because my chickens are retarded, especially Blanche, who has never laid a whole and complete egg in her entire chicky life.

So yeah... What do you all think of different breeds???


  1. HA! Too funny about Blanche!

    We are currently in our first experience with Chicks - ours are only 5 weeks yet - but I did a lot of research on the breeds and we settled on Golden Buffs for our first go round. They are supposed to be docile, laid back, handle our OH weather well and good egg layers. They are said to lay approx. 6 nice sized eggs a week. We purchased from Meyer Hatchery in Polk.

  2. I love my RIR's they lay almost all winter! Compact and friendly too. I love my B.R. too, but given the feed and egg size (same as RIR) I woudn't get another, but she's friendly too and smart. My new chicks- one is a gold sexlink, big eggs for a smaller chicken and they're really friendly. My black S.L., ditto, great hen! I found my Buff Orping. too big for the egg size, but very pretty! Now I think feed > egg size> laying year round. Better use of feed and $$$...

  3. I gave up on my RIR's. They just quarreled and bickered all the time. There was no peace, even though they free range! I have BR's, Marans, mutts, and a Buff Orpington now. All lovely, no fighting, good egg layers. I need to downsize the flock but I'm having trouble deciding who gets to go.

  4. I just got a batch of mutts...but my favorite are my americaunas...one comes to me when I go in and almost asks to be picked up...the sex links lay nearly daily but are a bit skittish...a plus is that they are breed to stoop down when approached so they are easy to catch. I think the key is to make sure they are very well handled as chicks.