What We've Been Up To

Since I found a spare part for my charger after ordering a new one, I am bringing you pictures of our fence! Yes! We finally built a fence for the back yard so we don't have to worry about the Golden Girls becoming road kill or harassing the neighbors. We will still have to worry about cats and the BASTARD GROUNDHOG (that's another post) but at least they can't run away now. And yes, we actually finished a project we started. For once.  So here we go!
It all starts with lumber

Hubby takin a phone break from pounding posts. And you can also see the current junk pile that keeps the Girls in the yard......

One half done!

All we need now is a gate!

All done! and no more junk pile!


  1. Very Nice! I love it when we can complete a project. For some reason we seem to start a new one before we finished the first one. It gets old!

  2. Very nice! Is the chicken stalker kitty still hanging around??

  3. Christy - I know exactly what you are talking about! I can't tell you how many projects are sitting around this house, but at least the fence is done!

    Carolyn - Thanks! And yes, Chicken Stalker is still around. She hasn't been bringing her posse, but she has taken to sleeping on our porch. She is such a cutie!

  4. Good job, are you going to paint the wood?

  5. Nancy - Probably eventually. Hubby said that we can't immediately paint pressure treated wood because it has to dry out? I am not sure if he is totally correct, but I am NOT complaining about having a fence... painted or unpainted :)