It's Here!

My 2nd favorite holiday of the year! Daylight savings time! I hope everyone remembered to Spring Forward!

I have come to a decision. Oven Lovin Saturday will be retired until next winter. With planting season coming up, then summer, then harvest and preservation season, I doubt anyone will have the time to work with their ovens. And I know, that since we don't have air conditioning, it will be too dang hot to use it. So, peace out OLS. We will see you in a colder season.

And a special thanks to Carolyn Renee at Krazo Acres for always posting, and always calling me on my sh** when I forget to post. You are the best!

Now, go get high sniffing on some potting soil!


  1. I have to admit that I'm a bit relieved that OLS is going to be a seasonal thing. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself "Gawd, how many new and interesting recipes can I come up with before I just start posting pictures of one of the cats eating cat food?!"

    We'll miss you OLS....see you in the fall! Thanks for hosting it!

  2. TULIPS! awesome!! WELCOME SPRING!!