Winter is Finally Here

Yes my friends, it has finally shown up. After some unseasonable temps in the 40's and near 50's, today it is 15 and snowy as heck!

I went out this morning bundled in my coveralls to shovel out the chicken run of its snow (since I failed to cover it back up before I left for work 3 days ago) and get the girls all tucked in with fresh food and water and turned on the heat lamp. A good side effect of this whole light/heat thing? More eggs! Dorothy is back to laying one per day, and Rose is up to 2 or 3 a week. Blanche? Well, she is just my hopeless hen. But I sure do love her! She is oh so sweet, and every time I hold her in my arms, she falls asleep. She may be pathetic, but I think we will keep her around.

I hope everyone is staying nice and toasty inside! Don't forget Oven Lovin Saturday tomorrow. Get your posts ready!

As a side note, I am ordering a new battery charger for my camera (again) since I STILL can't find my old one... Ugh...


  1. It seems to be getting cold all over!

    Re the battery charger; have you looked in the last place you left it???

  2. IG, hah! If I knew the last place I left it, it wouldn't be lost! If only I could remember or find where that was....

  3. I am debating about putting in lamps in my chicken house next winter. Our egg production has slowed significantly, but has not stopped completely. Then again, we have had such a mild winter so far, so maybe this year is not a good basis to go on.