Update On Blanche

Just a quick note, Blanche seems to be doing better. She is still limping, but is much more sprightly about it. She is back to sleeping on the higher perch with the other 2 girls, and is running happily around the yard. She appears to be back to more healthy weight (or maybe it really was all in my head) and is holding her own again. I talked to my sister, Row Family Farmer Wife and Momma, and she said it is possible she either was born with some sort of deformation in her leg, or maybe she was injured early on before she came to our home and she never healed properly. Either way, we love her and just want her to have a happy life (those eggs aint so bad either!)

Now she seems to have some sort of weird thing going on with her feathers. Maybe she is moulting, or maybe she just has a bad case of dandruff. Either way, I got some powder to help with this, and it is also supposed to help with mites should that be the case.


  1. You should post a picture of the weird feather stuff you have going on. I am going to do the same in an upcoming blog. Half the people I talk to say what my hens are doing is molting, the other half say they aren't and its something different. A few people say its because of the obnoxiously hot and humid weather we've been having...I don't know. It would be good to know, wouldn't it?? :)

  2. I don't know beans about chickens, but I do hope Blanche is in good health. How do we get so attached to these little creatures?

  3. Hooray for Blanche.
    I had a duck that was lame--she lived a good long duckie life, but sure walked funny!

  4. MamaTea, I will take a couple pictures today and make a post about it later. I hate to say it, and I do love my neighbors, but the place they came from wasn't totally ideal, and they had way too many chickens for the amount of space they have. So who knows what plethora of weird things they came over here with...

    Granny, I have no idea! These little animals, whether furred or feathered, really do become such an integral part of our lives and really part of the family. I love them like crazy!

    Sue, yeah... I am thinking we should just start calling her Gimpy.

  5. Glad to hear it! It doesn't take long to fall in love with any animal. Even the ones you swore you wouldn't!

  6. That's great news. I don't know why but I can't get the image of Kaiser Soze limping around out of my head. "The greatest trick the devil did was convince the world he doesn't exist."