Today's Work

It's all in the pictures...
Bye Bye Community Garden!!! Thanks for the peas and onions!
Red and Yellow Onions Drying on the Picnic Table

Oliver, Sleeping on my already cured onions... He's such a cutie!!!
Transplanted the basil from these pots....

......In hopes that it will soon look like this basil!

Herb Row is so empty now... I am sure I can fill it back up :)

Also got fall lettuces and carrots planted using Granny's Seed Mat Method. I have 1 row each (3 mats/row) of buttercrunch, black seeded simpson, and lolla rosa lettuces AND one row each of (4 mats/row) of rainbow, purple haze, and danvers half long carrots. I didnt have any boards to put over the bed, so I laid down some left over chicken wire in hopes that my girls and the evil groundhog will leave the baby seedlings alone...
Speaking of the girls, we got the fence installed on one side of the yard so that they can roam more freely around the yard. They can still escape out the other side, but there is FAR less area for them to get out. They don't seem to interested in leaving the tasty grass and weeds, and not to mention the shade of the towering tomato plants.

AND last but not least... What the hell kind of bug is this??? I have only seen one, and have not seen any eggs...


  1. Love your kitty and chickies! They are so cute! Now about that bug, no idea. Never seen anything like it. At first it looked like a tiny frog, but when I blew it up, I couldn't tell any better. Sorry :(

  2. APG, no worries about the bug. At least not yet. Unless that little dude becomes a reproducing pest, then it will be time to deal with it. I am sure he was a tasty little morsel for one of my chicks!

  3. I like your chickens in the garden, they look so adorable!
    i like your onions , i have only white onions growing . although they ae small i sowed them late!
    good job!
    i have been harvesting seeds

  4. as for the bug and prob soon to be bugs all i can say is SEVIN DUST

    love you pea pod

  5. oh my goodness, your cat is super cute! I am just catching up on your blog! Wow, you got chickens!!