Harvest Monday

The harvest is starting to come in! No tomatoes yet, but we have tons of little fruits that have set. I hate going to work for 4 days, but love coming home to see all the changes that have taken place in the garden. When I am here everyday, its like watching a pot boil... It just takes forever. This week we got a total of 11 ounces of cubanelle peppers. THey are quite small, not big enough for stuffing, but definitely good enough to eat. How I will prepare them, I have no idea! Any suggestions?

The garden has really started to explode! Pumpkins... Let me tell you... I have never grown pumpkins before, and next year, I will cut the number of plants by like, 99 percent. They have taken over the bed they are in. I really had no idea they would get this big! And speaking of big, my zucchini plant is GINORMOUS! I am not kidding. this thing is as tall as me and about 5 feet wide. The leaves are insane. Two years ago, I could barely get those darn things to stay alive, and now this one is trying to eat me alive. "Feed me Seymour!" I picked one little zuke off since its flower died, and I didn't want this little unfertilized baby to go to waste. We will eat it in our eggs this morning.

And speaking of eggs... While I was gone, Hubby told me of 2 eggs that were produced that were, uh, odd... They were both really little, like ping pong ball sized, really round instead of oval, and they were REALLY fragile. One broke while it was in his hand, and the other had broken on top of the nesting box. WHy it had been laid there, I will never know. I have read that weak shells are a sure sign of lacking in calcium. I gave the girls some cottage cheese this morning, and will give them some more tomorrow in hopes of upping that a little. But why would they be so little and oddly shaped? One other thing... Blanche is limping. I have no idea why. She is able to walk and flap around, but there is a definite limp. I picked her up and was feeling her legs and feet to see if there is something I could find, but honestly, I have no idea what a "good" leg feels like vs a "bad" leg... Help?
Morning Foraging


Audrey II the Zucchini

This weeks harvest
Harvest Totals to Date:
Peas - 4 pounds
Cubanelle - 11 ounces
Eggs - 15

Thanks Daphne for hosting Harvest Monday!


  1. WOW that is a massive Zuchinni leaf! LOL

    Yum, those Cubanelle peppers looks great. I'd stuff them with Sausage, cheese and bake them covered in marinara! (And make sure you have some Tums for dessert!)

  2. how do you keep the ladies from running off?

  3. Is this your hen's first eggs? If so, they always start out small and often malformed - sometimes without a shell at all. Perfectly normal. They are just getting started and not everything is firing perfectly. Their bodies will quickly sort it all out and you will be good to go. They do need access to grit (digestion aid) and some oyster shell (calcium) on a free choice basis.

  4. Kitsap, No, these hens are about a year old and have been laying since last October-ish. I discovered that the odd layer was Rose, and today she gave anouther round egg, but with a stronger shell, and not quite as small. I am sure this will clear up as they are given more calcium.

  5. I hear you about pumpkins. This is my first year with butternut squash, so I planted 5 ( 4 too many!) on a vertical trellis (4X 10ft), but they'll surely bring this whole set up down soon(:

  6. That is a huge zucchini leaf! What are you feeding it? ;-)

    I like to saute or grill those peppers. I sometimes stuff them with a little cheese before grilling.

  7. Holy zucchini leaf, Batman! :) Isn't that the way it goes...one year you're trying desperately to keep a plant alive, and the next year, you're trying desperately to keep YOURSELF alive? :)

  8. I had a little zuke in my eggs this morning too. I seem to get about half my zucchinis pollinated and have don't.

  9. I had ONE pumpkin plant last year and it gave me 27 pumpkins. You might be able to open up your own roadside stand!

  10. Holy moly on that zucchini there, lady! And about the eggshells, what the hens ARE laying right now are really thin shelled but they are getting plenty 'o calcium. I am wondering if its maybe the ridiculous heat and humidity we are in now?

  11. holy smokes! That zucchini leaf is ginormous! What variety are you growing? You can crush eggshells and feed it back to the chickens. That's what my in-laws the farmers do. It gives them their calcium back since it goes in to egg laying.