Garden At The End Of July

I spent this morning tying up tomato plants and staking peppers and eggplants. I made a big mistake this year and crowded my plants too much, so they are all starting to grow REALLY tall because they are fighting for sunlight. At least that seems to be the problem in one bed. Notes for next year, DO NOT plant stuff so close together, namely tomatoes and eggplants, and DO NOT plant any pumpkins. Oh the pumpkins... They are taking over. Run for your lives!!!! No seriously, they are ridiculous, and I am contemplating pulling them out simply so I can walk through the garden and maybe plant some other fall veggies that will serve more purpose. They are going through the fence into the neighbor's yard (not like they would notice since they don''t take care of their yard anyhow) and I keep trimming them back, so I doubt I will get any actual pumpkins anyways. Anyone up for a seed swap??? Just leave me a comment and let me know!

You see that bed behind the chicken run? The empty one? That one is home to my carrots and lettuce. The carrots are starting to sprout, but no lettuce yet... I have never direct sown lettuce before... How long does it take??

And you see that ugly pile of white plastic chairs? That will not be there within the next few weeks... There will be a lovely little fence to keep the girls in the yard... You can't see it in this picture, but there is also a picnic table on its side and the benches stacked up... What can I say? Ghetto-fy when necessary!


  1. I did a lot of TOO close planting this year too. I'm getting pretty close to chopping some of the stuff down--mainly kohlrabi. Live and learn, I guess. I've already chopped back the pumpkin plant--there isn't ONE darn pumpkin on it and I'm down to one month before first frost. Lots of blossums. No pumpkins.
    I think we BOTH need a beer!

  2. Hmmm, I would think the lettuce should be up long before the carrots. Maybe that chicken that's in the garden path ate the seedlings as they sprouted.

    Your garden looks lovely and so well cared for. I agree about pumpkins, and the vining butternut squash are just as bad, but the butternut are so worth growing.

  3. Sue, Cheers! All this garden chopping talk is definitely driving me to a nice frosty brew!

    Granny, Thanks! I work my butt of in that garden, trying to keep the paths clear, the weeds out, and make sure nothing dies... I don't think the chickens would have eaten them... They haven't eaten the carrots yet, and besides, they are too preoccupied with eating all of my gorgeous tomatoes!

  4. Lettuce germinates rather quickly, so you're losing the seeds to someone(bugs?) :)

    Can you vertically grow pumpkins? (for next year) I have butternut squash vertically this year!

  5. Lush indeed! Every once in a while, things have to go ghetto...sometimes it's the only way to get it done! Simply because you realize you've become the person neighbors laugh at :0) Oh wait, your neighbors dont seem to mind. Hey...keep up the ghetto!

  6. Getto-fy! HAA!!! I love it! :)

  7. Uuggg...I planted too close this year, too! My tomatoes are an amazing jungle of madness that is getting impossible to see through! I know there are ripe toms in there, I just can't see them...and if I can see them, I can hardly reach them! Living and learning, no doubt!

  8. Letuce doesn't sprout if it's too hot - it should be seeded very early as soon as ground is workable (it's not afraid of frost). It won't grow in summer but might come back for a round in fall.

    btw LOVE your garden :)