So, We May Have Chickens.... This Month?!

Sam the Fireman, chicken man and neighborhood revitalizer extraordinaire, has decided he has too many chickens. He has 10 hens and one rooster. He wants to get rid of some since they are just too many for 2 people. Neighbor Katherine might take some, and I definitely want some. I want 3. The hens are already one year old, so I don't have to worry about raising little peeps for our first go 'round. What are your best chicken keeping tips? Is there anything special I should know besides what I can read online? Momma Gardener told me about how when she was a kid, her dad would feed the hens a mixture of grit and buttermilk every Sunday, and this would help insure a strong shell with no bumps. Any secrets anyone wants to share? Thanks everyone!!!


  1. My girls are very happy with deep littering, a fresh dose of hay every weekend with a touch of corn to remind them to mix it up...also nothing beats a great waterer in hot weather.

  2. Well, we are first year chicken keepers too, so I can't speak much there. However like City Sister, we are deep littering too. I am told Food Grade DE works well to help w/ the odor as well as mites etc when deep littering.

    Lots of great websites for chicken lovers too! MyPetChicken, BackyardChickens, BackyardPoulrtyMag, ChickenJunkie all .com of course!

    But I do know one thing, you'll love having them. Lots of fun!


  3. So jealous! I live with a "no-chickens" kinda guy. Can't wait to meet the girls!

  4. We have three hens right now. We keep them in our backyard. We have neighbors on both sides of us with no fences. Will you let them roam free at all? We let ours out everyday. They love to scratch around the yard, and they've learned to stay on our property.
    This may sound silly, but I wish someone would have told me how to lead them. I found that using shepherd sticks to guide them works best. I put one in each hand. We use light weight 5 foot bamboo sticks. When we're in a hurry to get them back in the coup, they come in very handy. Otherwise they can be like herding cats.

    3 hens will probably give you 4 -6 eggs every 2 days.

  5. Jody, yes, they will be let out everyday. I plan on having a totally enclosed run for them to be in during the day, but when we are home and outside, the girls will be allowed to roam free. I am just so nervous about the cats in our neighborhood. I don't want anything to happen to my new girls!

    APG, those really are some great sites! Thanks!

    1. Our neighbor has 4 hens & they let them out to roam in the daytime. We rescue cats & at any one time have 15 or more that roam our property. The most our cats have done was sit on the fence & watch the hens as they scratch in their or our yard. Fun to watch. We just yesterday got 30 chicks to re-start our flock. We don't expect to have any problems from the cats.

  6. We have a cat, she doesn't stand a chance against the chickens. I would be more concerned about foxes and hawks. I recommend high fences and a secure enclosure for roosting, even in the city. Last year we lost 2 birds to a very wily fox.

  7. Good thoughts. We plan on having them totally secure at night. The actual coop will be inside out garage, and the access door will only be able to be opened and closed from the inside of the garage. I have read to also make sure to bury the chicken wire into the ground 12-18 inches so that those bad critters can't dig in. We will be taking every precaution we can think of!