So Much To Do!

The construction inside the house is complete!!! All that is left now is to paint and finish cleaning. The chicken run is ALMOST complete. I have to wait for the paint to dry before I can put on the floor piece that will be the frame for the door, then I have to cut and put together the door, Hubby will paint it, then it will be hung, and THEN we can bring the hens home. This process feels like it has taken forever. Like, uh, will it ever end?!?

With all of the stuff laying around after the construction, I feel like we have just moved in. I am sure I am not the only one that has had this experience.

And now, I have a couple of questions. My basil in pots is not doing well. It looks like some sort of basil blight. I am going to harvest what I can, and then toss whatever dirt is in these pots. The basil in the ground is doing AWESOME so it MUST be the dirt in the pots. Or the pots themselves... Have you ever had this problem? And my onions. I have never grown onions before. Today we pulled a bunch of onions, and I have absolutely no idea what to do with them. I know we can eat them fresh, but how do I dry them for storage? Just leave them in the sun? Thanks for the advice!

We also pulled all the peas. They were really starting to die off, and the peas that formed weren't sweet, but kind of bland and bitter, and not the best color. They were good while they lasted! 

New Dining Room!!

Sickly Basil

Bye Bye Peas


I just love this shot!


  1. Congrats on getting all those big projects completed! You and your husband must be feeling really good about that.

    I think I had some similar problems with my basil last year. In my case, I decided it was some sort of sun scald. I just cut off all the sick looking leaves/branches and the plants recovered in due time. I think basil in pots just struggle more in general because they tend to become rootbound. My in-ground basil did MUCH better last year.

    I didn't get enough onions to dry last year, but I have hopes for this year! I've seen blog pictures of people drying their onions outdoors - just hang them over a fence or something? I think Granny had pictures of hers drying a few days ago.

    So are you replanting something new in the ex-pea spot?

  2. I hung a line in my garden shed, where I can keep a door and a window open for cross ventilation, and I hang my onions and herbs to dry there...


    If you can keep them dry, you can just lay them out on the ground in rows, letting the leaves cover the onions in the next row to keep them from sunburning. I have yard sprinklers that prevent me from doing that.

  3. Can you salvage your basil and throw it in the ground?

    I did exaclty what the others told you to do with your oninos. Works great! Also, if you have enough and you want, the chop and freeze very nicely. I am still using up last years onions out of the freezer.

    Dining room turned out fantastic!!

  4. You can also pinch off the good tops from your basil, put them in water, and in about a week you'll have roots. Then you can replant in new potting mix (do use mix, not soil) or put them out in the garden.

  5. THanks everyone! I think I have decided that I will just cut the bottoms off the basil for now, and then next week on my days off, I will stick em in the ground. My in ground basil is doing AMAZING!

    I will have to work on where to lay my onions out to dry. Its kind of a mess around here until trash day... Lots of construction junk...