Planting Up

I got the ENTIRE garden planted today. Here is the garden...
Bed 1 - 6 hills Waltham Butternut Squash
             3 hills Charantais Melon
Bed 2 - Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Kale, Lettuces
Bed 3 - 1 Zucchini plant, 3 golden acre/3 red express cabbage (The birds ate them, but they are actually coming back), plum hybrid tomato,
Bed 4 - Early extra sweet corn hybrid, french pumpkin, table queen acorn squash, yard long beans
Bed 5 - Some random beefsteak type tomatoes, random hybrid black cherry tomato, Hungarian wax peppers, some random purple hybrid bell pepper, Red Bell pepper, orient charm eggplant, random normal looking dark purple eggplant, cayenne pepper, cubanelle pepper
Bed 6 - The Old Hag bed - All heirlooms - 1 each of brandywine, Green Zebra, Thai Pink Egg, Ananas, Black Plum, Purple Russian, Reisentraube, San Marzano

The large empty space in the yard will be where the chicken run is. I am so excited to get going on that project! Hopefully the girls will be home next week. I also have a large planter with Sweet Million tomatoes. Pretty sure those are also a hybrid. The peas are going crazy and I actually have some to harvest, but I am going to save it for tomorrow, my first Harvest Monday of the year!!! I can't wait!!!

I am thinking about the side yard. I was originally planning to put raspberries along the house, but given how much I want to plant, I don't think I have enough space. I may have to make the side yard the tomato home and plant the backyard with everything else. I will lose a bed to strawberries, and another to asparagus. So that leaves me four 4x12 beds for everything else. eggplants, peppers, onions, peas, beans, (not sure I will do corn again), carrots, lettuces, broccoli, brussels, kale, and on and on and on. I may have to just say no to raspberries. I still do want to have blueberry bushes, but those will go where my tulips were this year. Speaking of the side yard, the roses are in full bloom! The crack bush is full of little red flowers, and the white one has a few blooms and a ton of little buds. They really are so pretty. The crack bush only blooms once per year, and the white on just keeps going and going. I recently read a recipe for rose jelly, and thought it sounded interesting. I am going to try it tomorrow after I get some lemons at the market. Have you ever had it???

Note to self - write down what type of plants DURING planting!!!!
crack bush

white roses

four seasons red lettuce

random lettuce

returning from the dead cabbage

corn bed


  1. Awesome job! Way to use the space too! Doesn't it feel great to have it done? Now you can watch your corn pop up in rows and do some weeding...forever! :) Good luck with the rose jelly!

  2. Your garden plans sound amazing! You sure are making the most out of your available space! I can't wait to see some of your results particularly the yard long beans (considering for next year) and some of your tomato heirlooms. I planted 1 heirloom (German Red Strawberry - Baker Creek) and it's going NUTS, way farther along than my other tomatoes. SM is already wanting to expand the garden AGAIN. I can see how this can turn into a full time job. But I love it...I've got the bug!

  3. APG, it definitely does feel good! Now it is all upkeep until the harvests begin. Then it is time to eat, eat, eat, and put up of course.

    Tami, I am really trying to make the best of our space. This is my first REAL garden of my own, and I really want to make the most of it. At least you have the space to expand! I wish!! I have never done yard long beans before, but from other blogs I read last year, they produce REALLY well, the flavor is great, and most varieties are pretty much string-less (read easy putting up). Heirloom tomatoes really are my favorite. The flavor is more complex than hybrids, plus you get to save seed and that means saving dough!

  4. Looks great! Good job planting so many beds! I've heard of rose water, but never rose jelly! Looking forwards to your chickens(in the yard)

  5. Very nice garden! Good layout and planning. Is that compost bins I see made from plastic pallets? Very clever!

  6. RG, thanks! I will be posting about the jelly soon!

    VP, yep, you bet! Those are plastic pallets! I got them free of charge from my brother in law. He has a stockpile in his hay barn. It's good to have a real farmer in the family :)