How You Know You Are A Gardener

Apple Pie Gal recently posted about being Slap Happy, and some various reasons how one knows they are a gardener. I have to admit, I am guilt of most of her reasons, especially the cancelling of plans or ditching of friends because of plowing/planting/weeding/harvesting/putting up/etc... I found myself tonight in my hotel in the lovely town of Detroit reading about garlic. Now, who in their right mind, that has to get up at 345 am, sits up reading about garlic?! When to plant, how much to plant, where, why, who, etc! What are your favorite varieties to plant? Do I have to plant hardneck to get scapes? when do you harvest the scapes?

I love having this blogging world! You all are such valuable resources!!!


  1. Growing garlic is soooo easy! You just plant it and forget it. And then in the spring you get lovely stalks. Now that I know how easy it is, I'm going to grow it every year! Yes, garlic scapes only grow from hardneck varieties. Here is my blog post from last year of how I planted the cloves. http://nycgardening.blogspot.com/2010/10/planting-garlic-in-raised-beds.html If I had straw, I would use it as mulch after planting. I didn't have straw so I used shredded leaves to insulate and worked just as well.

  2. We are twisted, aren't we??? When I was traveling for work, I brought my "How To" books on Chickens and Seed Saving. Forget the passionate romances!

    Glad you got some good reads! Meemsnyc is right, garlic is pretty simple. Mine is doing great! But I couldn't tell ya the varieties I have out there (about 300 in the ground) because that was last Fall and shoot, I have slept alot since then! ;)