I've got hives... No, not the buzz buzz honey making kind of hives, but like, real hives. I conducted an experiment. Last year, I made peach jam. If you were following my blog back then, you would remember a sad day in my world. I made a zillion jars of peach jam and ate it like crazy. Well, my scientific self decided to see if it was truly an amount thing that gave me hives last year, or if I am truly allergic... The verdict, I am truly allergic. Don't worry too much. The bumps don't really itch, unless I am thinking about them, and they aren't on my face this time, but on my hands and arms.

So speaking of jam, yesterday I made rose petal jelly. I got the recipe at The Gardener of Eden. I honestly don't know how it tastes yet, since I am waiting for my hives to go away so I can really test and see if it is the brand of pectin I am using :) Always the scientist... I am pretty sure it turned out well... The color is beautiful, it gelled up nicely, and smells really good too. I will definitely be reporting on the flavor soon!


  1. And here I was hoping for some beehives! Sorry you got the other real deal instead. Your rose jelly turned out beautiful!

  2. Yeah, those are the least cool hives to have,(sorry) but hopefully you can enjoy the rose petal jelly. I've never heard of it before. It sounds yummy!

  3. I've never had rose jelly. How do you eat it, with bread? Sorry about your hives, hope you feel better to taste your rose jelly.

  4. Funny what obscure things you can be allergic to. Me? Kiwi fruit, no kidding. My face and tongue go numb and my eyes swell shut. Just a thought if you are allergic to pectin...I don't bother with it (pectin), so my "jam" is more like a "stewed fruit" I guess. If you cook it long enough and use some sugar it still thickens up just fine.

  5. So sorry about the hives. Around here, we'd be in big trouble if we were allergic to peaches. We have six trees.

    If it's any consolation, that jam looks amazing. We're thinking about going to our neighbor and asking them to share the petals from their rose garden with us.

  6. Thanks for the concern everyone! I am sure they will be gone soon!

    RG, you can eat the rose jelly on whatever... TOast, muffin, english muffin, scones would be really good I think...

    Tami, thanks for the tip! I will try it this summer when I make more jams.