So, last weeks posts started off with the construction of the coop, and this week, the destruction of the wall. Our part of the wall is mostly complete. Hubby still has to take off the trim work and baseboards, but after that, we are done. Master Carpenter Bill comes on Monday to finish, and by the end of the week, I (we) will have a beautiful new dining room!!! The door will be recycled into the office door downstairs. Now, let me just say... For those of you who have worked at taking down plaster, you will understand, and those of you havent, DONT!!! After my shower and many tissues full of plaster boogers, I am tempted to go soak in a bathtub full of olive oil. I feel as though every drop of moisture has been zapped out of me. No amount of lotion will help. I will feel parched for at least a day... Anywho, here are some before and afters... I will have more this week as Master Carpenter Bill completes his part.

Some of you may have laughed at my dust wall, but it really did work!!!

down to the studs, complete with a very curious little Kitty

view from the stairs

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  1. Ah yes, plaster boogers :o) Eloquently put! You are so right tho, nothing creeps in your nose like plaster! Looking very good over there!