Baby It's Hot Outside

Wowza, today is one where if you move away from the fan, your face might melt off! The temp is hovering in the low 90's, and the humidity is just under actually raining. Like, Deep South Humidity... I live in the north... I don't do this kind of humid.... So that brings me to my question for everyone... What the heck do you have for dinner when it is this hot out? Note, our grill is not in working order right now, I have to do some cleaning and order a part....

OH! The PEAS!!! I harvested the big one today... 2 pounds, 5 ounces!!! I will pull them after the last few peas get a little bigger. They are starting to look really bad in this heat, and it just make the peas tough and bitter.

I truly feel bad for Master Carpenter Bill... (he prefers Bill, the Really Damn Good Carpenter). He is sweating his tail off working on our wall whilst I sit in front of the fan typing... Here are the past couple days in review...
Making it Level
ready for drywall
ready for mud

Looking over the first coat of mudding... He said "damn, this is awesome" after I took this one :)


  1. Anything you can eat raw! Salad, watermelon and lots of water. Peas would work too!

    And yes, whatever you decide to call Bill...looking darn good!!

  2. Wine, microwave popcorn and ice cream. Grin (Show you what kind of day I'VE been having.

    But if you WANT to eat out of your garden...salads with peas and carrots. Yum.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of peas! enjoy!

  4. What a great harvest of peas! They're an easy treat for remodeling times.