This Really Isn't Funny Anymore

Ok Mother Nature... We need to have a serious powwow. I am tired of this snow, and you just think its hilarious! Honestly, I don't really see the humor in all of this... First you try to ice us into our home, then you let us free. Then you bury us under mountains of snow, then you melt it and show me sprouting tulips. Now, we get this???
I dont't think this is very funny.....


  1. Snow can be funny. I had a family visit earlier in the year during the snow. I watched my elderly Mother slip over, struggle to stand and fall again. After three hours I had to help her up; I needed to get the dinner on, but for those few hours I laughed ... a lot.

  2. Here in MN, we have snow on ground too! And lots of it! I'm tired of waiting for snow to melt! In fact, I was feeling lonely and jealous of everyone with bare ground, who were starting to plant their seedlings outside :)

  3. No matter how thick the winter snow that covers you now...it will soon melt for the warmth of spring will surely come :)...