More Tomatoes

I planted an extra tray of tomatoes and peppers last night.... My overwhelming fear of another crop failure consumed my thoughts yesterday. Last year, we had probably 15 tomato plants and got only about 50 tomatoes... Big beautiful plants, lots of flowers, and no tomatoes! I am hoping that Neighbor Catherine's bees will be healthier this year than last, and I will plant some flowers just for them! I planted 30 more tomatoes, bringing my total up to 48. I planted 3 more each of Yellow Jubilee and Golden Sunray, and a load of Big Mamas, Federle, and San Marzano. In my hopes to can salsa this year, I planted 3 more each of Bull Nose Bell peppers and Joe's Long Cayenne peppers.

The mesclun mix has already begun to sprout, and I am anxious to get some fresh salads!Our bodies are screaming for fresh home grown food. Even though the market has wonderful produce, you all know that there is just NOTHING like your own home grown food. I am getting heavy into Spring fever mode...

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