More Bread!

Today we woke up with about 4-6 inches of drifty snow on the ground, and were dreading the big shovel. Luckily, Fireman Sam has a lot of resources and got his buddy to come over and plow the neighborhood driveways! Yay for us! We missed out during the last big snow when I had already retrieved BFF Steph's snowblower. BFF Steph's hubby Danger Dave Super Trucker sent me a photo 2 days ago of the snow in Minnesota on his route... He said his shoe is 13 inches tall (don't know how or why he knows that) and he was resting it in the tire trackes for a good picture... I am sure there is more snow now with all the talk of storms...

In other news, we brought Oliver home from the vet, and he resting comfortably in the bathroom. He is very sleepy and snuggly of course. Punkin and Charlotte are making to go up to the door and hiss every few hours, just so he knows who is boss in this house. As if he will ever forget! I cut off a hunk of my "No Knead Bread" and put it in the oven, and it came out beautifully! Much better texture this time than last, and better rising in the oven. I think I am going to grow to LOVE making bread this way!

I got the seed shelf up and running yesterday, and I promise to take some pictures and post what has been planted... Maybe tomorrow... For now, it is back to math... Math Math Math Math Math Math has consumed my life!

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  1. Yuk for more snow. We only got an inch this morning but it was icy, because it was slushy snow. Now my driveway is like a sheet of ice! That bread looks awesome! I love homemade bread!