Ice and Seedlings

Last night, we got a ton of ice! I did my best to take some pictures of it, but I don't think they do the ice its fair justice...
The car

Bedroom Window

Power Lines
I took some picture of the seedlings as well... Everything is sprouting beautifully! I think the MOST exciting thing is that my lavender AND rosemary have sprouted! Those two are notoriously difficult to grow from seed, and I am just tickled pink. I am so thrilled! I also got an email that Johnny's has shipped my seeds. I am so excited to get them!!! It is going to be just like Christmas!!!
Lettuce Sprouts

Golden Sunray Tomato


Sage in back, Basil in front



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  1. that ice realy sucks - the seedlings look just amazing!! I think have the plastic over them is making a huge diffence - the green house effect~~

    hugs pea pod