Look What I Found!

Tonight while driving home from Vietnamese food with my BFF Steph (not a gardener... Can't even get this one to recycle), we drove past this set of HUGE table things! I love trash night! Anywho, I only snagged one table. I figure that would be plenty for this tiny garden. The other one seemed a little shaky... I might still go back out there and push the thing home anyways. I don't have room in my garage for it right now, so it is standing behind the house. BFF Steph is in the picture too, laughing her tail off!

The snow is coming back to C-town in full force. I shoveled the driveway once today (to be a good wife) since Hubby drove the little car. The little car is a 99 Mazda Miata, and yeah... that car and snow just dont mix very well. At least when I drive it! I'd say we have about 2 inches now... I took this picture of the driveway while it was light out before the first shoveling... Its a LONG driveway... At least shoveling it is downhill :)

Momma Gardener is coming next weekend for a little visit. She is coming and has the intentions of helping me put away the Christmas Village, which has a home on top of my cabinets. I got bored today and I just did it. It sucked doing it alone, but I had Punkin and Charlotte to keep me company!

Charlotte in the Bubble Wrap

Punkin LOVES Paper!


  1. LOVE YOUR TRASH FIND-you go girl
    It is good to see you has some help takin down the village (since you decided i needed a weekend of doing nothing haha) love you pea pod


  2. Momma, you need a vacation!!! And I did it all by myself just so you know... It was a TON of work... But that's ok, I had Punkin and Charlotte to entertain me... They were so ridiculous with the paper. Punkin actually fell off of the counter at one point and landed in a huge pile of bubble wrap... I just don't have the most graceful cats...