It's That Time of Year....

...When I go insane!!! January and February always leave me with barely any work, and I really do go nuts. I forget what the inside of an airplane looks like. I start to wonder if I still have a job. Maybe they forgot about me? Maybe I pissed off one too many schedulers, and instead of torturing me with too much work, they do the mental torture and don't let me work at all. And having jury duty this month doesnt help my working ability by taking me off the schedule for 2 additional days.

In all seriousness though, It is usually around the 15th when Hubby starts to freak out on me and doesnt work at home. He will go to the office because I am so annoying... Why don't I go somewhere with my travel benefits you ask? Oh that would be because it costs money! In the world of real estate, January and February are the really really slow months... The cash flow doesnt help my cabin fever.... I just dont know how many more times I can clean the house, or wash the sheets. All of our undies and clothes are clean, the cats are clean, the house plants (all 2 of them) are watered, the garden is planned, the dishes are done... AHHHH!!!!!

Momma Gardener was supposed to come this weekend and relieve me of my insanity, but due to circumstances beyond any one persons control, she has cancelled. That's OK though! I surely can find something to do... Right?!

I suppose my only relief is that classes start again in FIVE days! Count 'em, FIVE DAYS!!!! At least then I will have someone telling me what to do... Thanks Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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