Is This Because I was Raised on a Farm?

Has it really been 11 days since my last post? Bad Blogger, Bad Blogger!!! Honestly, I have been swamped with homework (this math class is kicking my a$$) and on Sunday, we rescued a cat. Yeah, another cat. NO MORE CATS!

However, this little guy has always lived in our neighborhood, and plays with Punkin through the windows and doors. He is not a stranger. So anyways, on Sunday, he was walking up the driveway and I noticed that he had blood on his neck. I thought, oh crap, he got in a fight, he needs stitches, this sucks! So we went outside with some food, and very surprisingly, he walked right up to me and started eating and purring. I have never seen a stray cat (a real stray, not a Punkin stray) be so friendly. so upon closer inspection, I could see that he had sliced his ear open, and Hubby told me to take him to the animal hospital. So we went...

At the animal hospital, they told me he needed all these sorts of medical things, and it was going to bee over $200 to get him fixed up. Now, I am not going to spend that kind of money on something only to let it be released and get into more fights and need fixed again. So I called Hubby and told him the situation, he said absolutely not. We will take him to the APL and drop him off... Yeah... I don't give animals away either. I rescue them, I get attached, it is UGLY.

So Monday comes, I take the little guy to my regular vet, they say he has ear mites, and scratched himself open because he was itching so badly. He has an upper respiratory infection, needs antibiotics, oh, and yeah, he still has his kahunas. Those need chopped off. I called Hubby once again and told him the situation (and a lot less money) and he said, OK! So we have adopted another cat. He is currently sleeping in the garage with some heating pads and towels to snuggle until Wednesday. Wednesday is the big day when we will have him tested for the feline diseases and get all of his shots. If all his tests come back negative, he will have his kahunas chopped on Monday...

Now, I dont know if its just me, or if it is all girls raised with a zillion animals. THEY FIND ME! I swear, they just find me. I dont look for them, they look for me. Throughout my life I have rescued dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, toads, chipmunks, and yeah, even some bugs... Momma Gardener says I just have a big heart. Well, who couldn't have a big heart when something this cute waltzes up to your door and asks "Please Help Me?"

So that is him. My little love bug. I couldn't even tell you what his back looks like because every time I go into the garage to check on him, he is flipped over on his back in his cardboard box, and then struts over to me, crawls on my lap and flips back upside down. I have never seen a stray so sociable. At the vet, everyone was picking him up, giving him kisses, rubbing all over him... He is a darn ham!!! I can only hope now that everything goes well on Wednesday and that the girls don't hate him. Oh and that he doesn't pee on anything... Hubby will kill me!


  1. Oh, how I can relate. Two years ago I had three kitties that I could not resist. It did not end well, but we still have the make, Chester and he looks like he could be Oliver's twin. He is sweet like Oliver too.

    I will pray he makes a positive addition to the ladies and the home as well. He's adorable.

  2. Thanks Lorie! I will do my best to ensure a happy household :)

  3. They have your address on the cat internet!

  4. he is gorgeous!!! my own stray kitty pickup has the same colouring, only with different patterns. and for a stray, he's fat and healthy!! XD you're such a sweetheart for adopting him :)