The "Not So Community" Garden

So, this morning was supposed to be a work day down at the garden, and I went. We are supposed to attend at least one work day, or risk not being allowed to return next year. Not that I am wishing to return next year anyhow, but it would be irresponsible not to go to at least one. So anyways, I went to the work day at 930 a.m. and NO ONE ELSE SHOWED UP. NOT A SINGLE ONE. I looked in my calendar and in my garden rules handout thing, and sure enough, today was the last work day of the year. So freakin irritated!!!

On the other hand, I did pull out the rest of my hot pepper and eggplant plants. I got just enough baby veggies to make one last meal out of them. Our favorite this summer has been sauteed eggplant, hot peppers, and tomatoes over top of whole wheat pasta with cheese. Yum Yum!!!

I did get some cute pictures of some grass hoppers taking a little mid morning break.

Grass hopper on Broccoli 

Grass Hopper on Radish Leaves

Grass Hopper on Eggplant Leaf

Bee on Broccoli


  1. I had an outbreak of crickets here, for some reason. They liked kicking back in the sun too. Now it's too cold for them. The frosts have made it all a bit lifeless out there!

  2. Surprisingly we haven't had any frost yet! Our general first frost is around Oct 16, and we are almost 2 weeks past that! Thanks for following, I truly do enjoy your blog.