The Garden Table is Complete!

The garden table is complete! I have 2 shelves, both 8 feet in lenght, and 2 feet wide.  The window is too high to provide sufficient light, but that is ok. Any real light is better than no light at all. Last year, the little monsters didnt have ANY real light, due to the extent of TP's stuff. I still have about 6 weeks before I can even begin to think about starting my seeds, but I cant wait. I am going crazy trying to keep myself busy with other things.

The electricians are coming tomorrow to put in all of the outlets, light switches, and wired goodies we need to have a real finished basement. I really cant wait. This weekend, while Andrew hangs drywall, I will be painting my lovely garden station :)


  1. OMG! Wow, what a table! that is amazing! I cannot believe the transformation already.... NICE WORK!! SuWeet

  2. oh i cannot wait to see drywall! ahhhhhhh love you kiddos