And Then There was LIGHT!!!

My day has been filled with light. The sun has finally shown its face upon gloomy Cleveland. The sun was out so feircely during my lunch hour, that I just had to get out of the office and soak it up. My sun soaking journey took me to my favorite, enormous Home Depot in the Steelyard, where I purchased the remaining seeds for the garden.

From Burpee, I purchased:
- Sweet Corn (bi-licious hybrid)
- Pumpkin (early sweet sugar pie)
- Spinach (baby's leaf hybrid)
- Lettuces (black seeded simpson, little ceasar, four seasons red., gourmet mesclun mix)

From Start Smart;
- Sage
- Cherry Tomato (super sweet 100 vf hybrid)

I am super excited about the cherry tomatoes. Last year I grew Burpees Sweet 100, and they were wonderful and insanely productive plants. I hope this brand does as well. I am anxious to see what happens. STILL waiting for my seeds from Seed Savers....

The basement has electicity!!!!!!!!!! It had power before, but not in our new room. I have 2 awesome outlets for my grow station, and each wall has 2 outlets. We have 6 can lights in the ceiling on a dimmer (we will eventually have a drop ceiling, I dont know when), and a switch for the bathroom light. It is so awesome. So freaking excited to no have to use a single extension cord for the shop vac, saw, drill, etc... Yay!!!!

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  1. ahhhhhhhhh sweet sunshine! haha.. let there be light~~ love you pea pod